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Contains video of nine performances by Jan Świdziński. Published to accompany the book "Jan Swidzinski en contexte".

By the way of an introduction to the GPO Classic Collection, The GPO Story, co-produced by The Post Office and the BBC, tells the story of the GPO Film Unit's bold experiments in movie-making. Extracts from many of the classics are included, as are…

This video provides highlights of June 11, 2008 in the House of Commons, the day the Prime Minister of Canada issues an apology for the Indian Residential Schools system. Included are responses from the various First Nations representatives who were…

This compilation includes award-winning animated short documentaries by 13 filmmakers from Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, France, Finland, Canada, Belgium and the United States.

Detroit's story has encapsulated the iconic narrative of America over the last century: the Great Migration of African Americans escaping Jim Crow; the rise of manufacturing and the middle class; the love affair with automobiles; the flowering of the…

In this lecture, Szarkowski praises the photographer Eugène Atget.

Films from 1900-1934 about urban problems by social reformers.

Films from 1900-1934 about urban problems by social reformers.
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