The decline of western civilization collection

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The decline of western civilization collection


Collection of Penelope Spheeris' three music documentaries entitled "The Decline of Western Civilization", originally released in 1981, 1988, and 1998, plus a bonus disc.
Disc 1: The decline of western civilization
(100 min.)
Disc 2: The decline of western civilization : part II, the metal years
(93 min.)
Disc 3: The decline of western civilization : part III
(86 min.)
Disc 4 (Bonus disc):
Additional Decline II extended interviews: London, Megadeath, Odin, Poison, Gazzarri, Mega Crowd 87;
Decline I news report;
Decline II cruising the Strip;
Decline II LA County Museum art panel;
Decline III panel; Tawn Mastrey interviews Penelope Spheeris;
Mark Toscano interviews Penelope Spheeris;
Nadir and Lizzie;
theatrical trailer Suburbia;
extras' credits.
"Featuring some of the most influential and innovative musicians and groups-- Germs, Black Flag, X, Fear, Circle Jerks, Alice Cooper, Lemmy, Poison and members of Aerosmith and KISS-- these riveting, unflinching, hard-core films adeptly captured the spirit of a major cultural phenomenon. Part I documents punk rock musicians' deliberate reaction to the mass commercialism of music. Part II takes a fast-paced look at the Heavy Metal scene of the late 80's. Part III profiles hard-core gutterpunks living homeless in Los Angeles and their music."--Provided by the publisher.


Spheeris, Penelope


Spheeris Films Inc.
Shout Factory LLC


Filmed: Los Angeles, California,
1979 December-1980 May (Part I),
1987 August-1988 February (Part II), and
1996 July-1997 August (Part III).

Originally released as motion pictures in 1981 (Part I), 1988 (Part II), 1998 (Part III). Bonus disc released 2015.


Disc 1: Featuring, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Catholic Discipline, Fear, Alice Bag Band, Germs, X.

Disc 2: Featuring, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Lemmy, Poison, Megadeth, London, Odin, Faster Pussycat, Lizzy Borden, Seduce.

Disc 3: Featuring, Final Conflict, Naked Aggression, Litmus Green, The Resistance.






(D) Documentary


D435 1981 DVD v. 1
D435 1988 DVD v. 2
D435 1998 DVD v. 3
D435 2015 DVD (Bonus Disc)

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Disc 1: 100 min.
Disc 2: 93 min.
Disc 3: 86 min.


Spheeris, Penelope


Spheeris, Penelope


Spheeris, Penelope, “The decline of western civilization collection,” NSCAD Visual Resources Collection, accessed March 2, 2021,

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